Deontec is a website dedicated to the discussion of ethical issues arising from the creation of Artificial Intelligence.

The ethical issues considered on this site will broadly fall under two categories:

  1. AI Safety. The creation of artificial general intelligence that surpasses human-level intelligence – so called “superintelligence” – could pose an existential threat to humanity.  To minimise this risk, we must consider questions such as:
    1. What values might we want AI agents to have?
    2. How might we teach AI agents to have these values?
    3. What policies and governance structures might we want to implement to ensure that AI is developed in a safe manner?
  2. The Impact of AI on Society. The emergence of AI will likely have profound effects on society.  We’ll consider questions about these effects, including:
    1. How will AI affect the future of work and employment?
    2. How can we ensure that decisions made by AI algorithms are transparent and fair?
    3. What legal and moral status might AI agents have?